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Venomous Racing Track Days


Are you ready to drive your vehicle to its full potential?

Want to get Mike Lally worked up? Tell him the Corvette and Camaro are nice cars that you buy during a mid-life crisis to polish up and take out for ice cream on Sundays as long as it doesn't rain. 

The Camaro and Corvette are true performance machines! While Mike won't begrudge you the right to do whatever you want with your performance car, including dream Sunday ice cream runs, you are invited to TAKE THE WHEEL with a true Track Day Experience.

These days are brought to you through the generous sponsorship of Venomous Racing and Tim Lally Chevrolet!

Choose your Track Day Experience:


Cruise-In & Watch

You don't have to take on the track. Come and watch and network with other performance car enthusiasts.

Crowds may be limited depending on size of event. Spectators must preregister below in order to gain access to any Tim Lally Track Day Event.

Interest in Track Day?

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